Medarchitect Intestine Suture Practice Model with Anti-Slip Base

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Medarchitect Intestine Suture Practice Model with Anti-Slip Base for Veterinarians Intestinal Suture Training Bowel Simulator Suture Pad

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  • The design of the intestine suture pad has replicated the intricacies of the intestines in the following ways; the mucosal layer has been represented by a pink silicone, submucosa, muscularis propria and adventita layers have been shown in a brown silicone.
  • The intestine suture practice model is designed to imitate the skin texture and is made by the best silicone composite material, making sure its texture is close to real skin, providing practitioners with a more realistic practical experience.
  • Included surgical training scissor, Hegar needle driver, Adson forceps with durable quality, 4 x 3/0 silk braided suture threads & needles.
  • Using the 4 x fixing pins to well-fixed the bowel suture model onto the anti-slip base while suture training.