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About us

Who we are ? 

Medarchitect is a company with a brand name focused on medical products. The ‘Med’ part of our name refers to “medical” and ‘architect’ expresses our pursuit for the innovative design, development, and production of medical-related products. Combined, Medarchitect is committed to providing users with training aids and user convenience in medical-related fields.

During the creation and development of our brand, we added a pinion to our logo to signify that Medarchitect is focused on industrial design and production and doesn’t just sell products. It also serves as a continuous reminder that inspires our development team to provide users with superior one-stop solutions in the medical field.

Our story began with a suture pad.

Years ago, a client of ours shared his daughter’s problem with us. She was learning how to suture and started using banana peels, then animal skins, to practice and develop her skills. However, using such items for suturing practice was not a satisfactory experience. The aftermath of using banana peels and animal skins was stressful and unpleasant.

It wasn’t that there were no alternative products available on the market. The greatest obstacle was that existing practice suture pads and suture kits were very expensive; often beyond the limited budget of students with little or no income. These existing products were also subject to frequent tearing or breaking that greatly limited their life expectancy and ability to be reused. We quickly surmised that if the suture practice pad could be made to be reusable and also more affordable, it would be a cost-effective and worthwhile investment for many students.

Our desire was to develop and manufacture a product for suturing practice that was more durable, price-competitive, and also included pre-cut simulated “wounds.” The simulated pre-cuts would be the most common wound types that medical professionals might encounter under real-life conditions.

Selecting the best material for the suture pad was the most challenging issue. Even though our first, second, and third generation pads were increasingly more durable, our team continued to further refine the design. Improvements concentrated on the materials used, ‘skin’ tension, pad durability, and the simulation and feel of real skin. Medarchitect’s ongoing quest is to provide the user with products that are more durable, more cost-effective, and functionally superior to others.

User feedback has always been a critical and essential factor in our ongoing improvement and design efforts. The most common complaint received was tearing (from repetitive suturing) at the site of the pad’s wound incisions due to the characteristics of the product. To make the suture pad more durable, we developed a tear-resistant mesh netting that was embedded into the pad itself. A second layer was added in a third-generation to extend reusability even more.

Then, through extensive trials and experimentation, we discovered that the placement position of the mesh itself is a critical element in extending pad life and reusability. This, plus other improvements, has been incorporated and optimized in our fourth-generation suture products. As additional improvements are made, tested, and determined to be of benefit, they will be included in a future generation product.

In addition to our popular pre-cut suture pads, Medarchitect has developed a new training pad for practicing Buried Knot techniques. This greatly expands the application range for suture training pads and the suture technology genre.

We have also developed pads for abdominal endoscopic suture, vaginal cuff suture, vaginal opening suture, and continue to expand the applications based on user requests.

Our story may have begun with suture but it is definitely not limited to suture.

We are currently developing various products for injection training. If you are interested in our brand of ever-evolving product developments, please subscribe to our email alerts. We will inform you by email as new products become available.

In addition to user-oriented products, we also provide ODM and OEM solutions and related industrial design services. For more details, please contact sales@mediarchitect.net.