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Medarchitect is a brand that designs and manufactures suture kits & suture pads. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective suture training products for medical students. 

With 16 years of production experience, OEM & ODM silicone suture training models are available. We provide laparoscopic, vagina cuff, intestinal, dental, and female vulva models for suture practice. We also help customize upgraded thick suture pads to meet customers' advanced training requirements. Medarchitect also developed simulated skin-like texture suture facial models, nose, ears, eyes, and mouth models produced by the clay carving process.

Improve Suture Techniques Simple Interrupted, Simple Running, Subcuticular Running, and Vertical Mattress with the best suture pads and best suture kits provided by Medarchitect.

We are the main suture kit & suture pad manufacturer around the world.

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