Medarchitect Abscess Incision & Drainage Pad, Sebaceous Cyst Skin Pad,

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Medarchitect Abscess Incision & Drainage Pad, Sebaceous Cyst Skin Pad, Skin Practice Model for Training and Demonstration of Physician's Cyst Surgical Removal

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【Comprehensive Training】: This Abscess I&D Training Pad is an excellent tool for teaching the basic concepts of cyst removal and incision and drainage. You can practice the whole process of abscess incision and drainage, suture and incision, and stitch removal after recovery, for practice, training, and demonstrating physician's abscess incision and drainage skills.

【Lifelike Pad】: Our silicone practice skin pad is made of high-quality & food-grade silicone material, 6 sebaceous cysts formed by a soft capsule filled with sebum, which makes practice more realistic.

【Easy Carry】: This abscess model pad is compact in size (6.1 X 3.9 inches), includes 3 sebaceous cysts and 3 abscesses, is dense but lightweight, and portable from home to the classroom for easy suturing or presentations anytime.

【Wide Application】: Widely used in social training institutions, clinics, hospitals, medical colleges, schools of nursing & midwifery, and health schools.

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