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Intravenous Cannulation In Neonates Infant Mannequin Baby Face Head for IV Infusion Training

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Why choose the infant mannequin head for IV injection training?

Lifelike Design:

  • Customize the mold to the proportions of the baby's head.
  • The 1:1 head size is simulated from the real newborn-sized babies with natural realistic expressions of the babies.
  • All the veins on the head are naturally distributed just like it is a real baby head.

Easy & Realistic Infant Head IV Training:

  • Made of soft, environmental, latex-free, and durable material. Easy to puncture and can withstand hundreds of punctures but not leak.
  • The realistic and beautiful baby face interests users more.
  • Provide students with the most realistic IV injection experience on an infant's head.
  • Besides the infant IV injection training, the infant head injection simulator is also helpful for learning newborn baby care education in IV classes or baby care training classes.

Can be customized the iv injection kit according to customers' requirements:

  • We could help customize the iv injection kit according to your idea.


B2B Offer:

Medarchitect is not only a designer but also an injection pad or IV trainer manufacturer, we offer discounts for a bulk order of injection training products from injection workshops, and injection training institutes.