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IUD Intrauterine Contraception Training Model
iud training

Female IUD Intrauterine Contraception Training Model IUD Educational Practice Model for Nurse Student Training & IUD Device Promotion

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Why choose the IUD Demonstration Model for uterus teaching? 

➤ Premium Design: The uterus cut-way model is displayed on a dark board. Its 3D structure and perfect color make the uterus demonstration model. 

➤ Realistic Uterus with Ovary & Oviduct Model: The uterus model is designed by gynecologists and made according to the real female uterus, ovary, and oviduct. Perfectly replicates the shape and position of the uterus, ovaries, and oviduct. 

➤ Perfect for Uterus Teaching & IUD Demonstration: 

  • Clearly shows the uterus & ovary & oviduct shape and position. Good for Uterus teaching in the medical classroom or doctor's office. 
  • Demonstrate how the IUD is positioned in the uterus for students in medical schools or for patients in hospital gynecology clinics.

➤ Durable and Logo Customizable: The materials are not easy to damage and are durable. OEM service accepted. Customize it with your logo.