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Upgraded Large 3-Layer Suture Pad with Wounds for Practicing Suturing - Not Easily Separate, Tear or Rip (with Anti-Slip Based)

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  • For bulk purchase orders of universities, medical institutions, suture classes, distributors around the world, please contact our customer support directly by email at sales@mediarchitect.net
  • TEXTURE - The suturing practice pad is made by the best silicone composite material, and pass through hundreds of lab test, make sure its texture is close to real skin, not just a hard rubber.
  • PROTECT MESH - Aiming to increase user experience, and strengthen suture pad durability, we place one protective mesh in the first skin-like layers as close as possible to the surface. It prevents the suture practice pad from ripping, especially for beginners who will do elementary suture training.
  • PRE-CUT WOUNDS DESIGN - The suturing practice pad provide various wounds to match different training task. 6inches straight pre-cut wound, can apply to suture speed training for straight laceration wound6inches curved pre-cut wound, can apply to suture speed training for curved laceration wound3inches wide pre-cut wound, can apply to suture skill training for avulsion woundTriangle pre-cut wound, can apply to suture skill training for Triangle shape puncture wound.
  • MATERIAL - Say goodbye to the smelly banana & poke skins. The suture skin pad is made of food-grade silicone, non-smell, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, able to cycle use & portable. Make suture training more easy & happy.

    It’s very necessary to learn and practice our suturing skills in our daily life, no matter whether we are medical students. The 3-layers Suturing Practice Pad can be the perfect substitute for banana and pork skin which will make learners disgusting.

  • Extraordinary Product Design

    This suture pad is with 3 layers design, simulating human beings' skin, subcutaneous, muscle. The pad consists of different size pre-cut wounds designed for elementary suture skill training. Users can gain experience & proficiency while doing suturing practice on the pad.

  •  Use Suture Pad Correctly

    The medical suture pad is made of Silicone, which is closest to the human body's skin texture. For durability, we place a protective mesh to the pad between the first layers. While the needle goes through the mesh, the silicone suture pad won’t be broken and ripped easily. But if we’re not proficient in suturing skills, the silicone material will be broken. The same skin rip & break situation will probably happen in reality caused by non-proficient and less-practice suturing skin.

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