Medarchitect Silicone Suture Pad Durable Embedded Two Layers Meshes wi

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Medarchitect Silicone Suture Pad Durable Embedded Two Layers Meshes with Anti-Slip Curved Base

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  • Anti-tear: Two layers of embedded mesh in the pad will keep the silicone from tearing out. Support for the deeper suture training.
  • Simulate Real Wounds: The curved base creates tension for the silicone suture pad, making wound opening more realistic.
  • More Stable: Anti-Slip Rubber Stoppers are at the bottom of the base. Easier to pull up and not move around while practicing.
  • Make Your Own Incisions: The incision suture pad is without pre-cut wounds. You can design incisions to suit your own suture practice demand.
  • Non-greasy and Odorless: Made by food-grade silicone, don't worry about the smell.


  • About Our Silicone Suture Practice Pad:

    This silicone suture pad contains 5 layers including epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue, and two layers of protective mesh. The first mesh is embedded in the most superficial layer to support skin layer suturing practice. The second one is embedded deeper into the simulated dermis to provide support for advanced, deeper, suture skills training.

  • About Our Curved Base:

    The silicone suture pad is affected by the tension provided by the curved base, and the wound can simulate a real opening state. Under the action of gravity and resistance, the product has strong adhesion. It won’t move randomly when stitching needles in and out.

  • Use Silicone Suture Pad Correctly

    The suture pad is made of Silicone, which is closest to human body skin texture. For durability, we place two protective meshes on the pad between the first layers. While the needle threads the mesh, the silicone won’t be broken and ripped easily. But if we’re not proficient in suturing skills, the silicone material will be broken. The same skin rip & break situation will probably happen in reality caused by non-proficient and less-practice suturing skin.

  • Note: This silicone suture pad is used for suture practice or training purposes only. Not intended to be used for actual clinical activities.