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Injection Safety Guidelines

Specific guidelines for injection safety from the CDC are:

  • Follow proper infection control practices and maintain aseptic technique during the preparation and administration of injectable medications.
  • Never administer to more than one patient from the same syringe, even if the needle has been changed or you are injecting through an intermediate length of IV tubing.
  • Never put a used syringe or needle into the vial.
  • Do not use a medicine packaged as a single dose or single use on more than one patient.
  • Do not use IV fluid bags as a common source of supply for more than one patient.
  • Limit the use of multidose vials and dedicate them to a single patient whenever possible.
  • Do not place multi-dose vials near patient treatment areas. Medications should be prepared on a clean work surface in an uncontaminated area. Outbreaks have been linked to preparations in areas contaminated with blood or body fluids and in the same areas where (used) syringes were disassembled.
  • Always use a face mask when injecting material or inserting catheters into the epidural or subdural space.