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Where to Buy Premium Suture Kit for Beginners?

  • 【The most complete surgery suture kit】 - This Medarhitect Premium Suture Kit includes, one DIY incision silicone suture pad, the incision can be made in different depths based on suture practice requirements. One small size 3 layer suture pad with 19 pre-cut common & uncommon wounds for warming up the suturing & knotting skill. One set of complete tools for suturing training. 20pcs monofilament & braided sutures various in nylon, silk, polyester, polypropylene materials.
  • 【Arch Shape Base 】- The unique Arch Shape Base creates greater tension emulating real-life wounds conditions. The design is provided by professional doctors, and suture skill experts, because some suture pads, only provide an empty area for cutting, but a flat area cannot provide the tension, and are not able to simulate the wound opening condition. An arch base can do that perfectly, of course, better user experience with our hook&loop design.
  • 【Creative Hook & Loop Design 】- We apply the hook & loop on the suture pad, making the suture pad being able to be replaced easily. This can save your pocket, you can feel free to cut the pad as wound you wish without concern because you can buy a replacement pad at a low price instead of buying a whole kit. - The Hook&loop design is patented, any copy will be treated as a patent infringement.
  • 【Double Protective Mesh】- Both the DIY incision suture pads and 19 wounds Pre-cut mini suture pads, are embedded in the protective mesh. The DIY incision suture pad is with 2 layers of embedded mesh. One is on the most superficial layer, which is able to support the skin layer suturing practice; Another is embedded in the deeper layers, which support the advanced deeper suture skill training.
  • 【Suture Kit Expert】- Our suture kit is tested by professional doctors, medical school teachers & students. The suture kit works great and is qualified for exams and study practice, teaching demonstration, Practice before starting a real job or residency. The suture kit is for educational use purposes, not applied for real surgical & any real medical area circumstance

    Some medical suture kits with pre-cut wounds are not suitable for deep suture practice. Many have a tendency to rip or tear while performing deep-buried knot suture training. With a plain suture pad without pre-cut, you can make your own simulated wounds to your desired depths and widths.

    Professional suture training requires the versatility of a plain suture practice pad. Deep suture practice is an advanced skill unlike the ease of working on pads with simplistic pre-cut wounds.

    The MA Premium Suture Kit provides the best of both worlds. A pre-cut suture pad with wounds that rivals the best available plus a larger, replaceable suture training pad offering advanced DIY incisions on an arched base. This makes it the superior solution for both basic and advanced suture training.

  • What is an Arch Shaped Base (ASB) and a “Hook & Loop” Suture Pad?

    Both are unique inventions of Medarchitect and are protected under Patent. The ASB base is arched so when our suture pad is attached, it is arched backward to create tension. This more accurately simulates real-life conditions of open wounds. The Hook & Loop permits practitioners to strengthen the tension by stretching it when it is fitted onto the base.