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Common Concern of Pediatric Facial Trauma

Recently, there have been many more pediatric trauma patients in the department of a certain hospital. According to incomplete statistics, there were more than 40 cases of pediatric trauma patients undergoing surgery in the department this month, not including patients who have been sutured in emergency surgery.

Once a child has trauma, especially the head and face, most parents and family members are particularly distressed. In addition to heartache, the biggest worry is whether the trauma to the head and face will leave scars and cause disfigurement, especially the parents of the little girls.

For patients with common facial trauma in general surgery, the general surgical technique and the thickness of the sutures are the key factors for the formation of obvious scars. For example, debridement and plastic surgery can be performed on the wound at the first time through plastic and cosmetic technology, which can restore a better appearance, fast wound healing, low postoperative infection rate, good functional recovery, and small or inconspicuous residual scar.

Common concerns of family members of patients:

Q. Will there be no scars after cosmetic suture for pediatric trauma?

A: As long as the skin is damaged, no matter how finely sutured, the formation of scars cannot be avoided, but cosmetic sutures can minimize the scars as much as possible and achieve the effect of greatly improving the appearance.

Q. How long does it take for sutures to be effective after trauma?

A: Cosmetic sutures are effective no more than 24 hours after trauma.

Q. Can the stitches be removed for cosmetic sutures after the emergency surgery at night has been processed and sutured?

A: Yes, but not more than 24 hours.

Q. Are cosmetic sutures more expensive than other surgical sutures?

A: Yes, the quality of the initial wound treatment directly affects the later healing. Otherwise, the cost of treating scars and appearance in the later stage will be much higher than the cost of sutures for the initial cosmetic surgery.

Q. Do I need general anesthesia for surgery?

A. Generally not required, the operation time is only about half an hour, and local anesthesia is generally used.

Q. What should I pay attention to in terms of diet and life after surgery?

A. On the second day after the operation, I came to the hospital for dressing change and observation, and the sutures were removed within a week. During this period, the wound should not be touched with water. You can take a bath the next day after the stitches are removed. Generally, you don’t need to pay attention to what you eat. You should eat a normal diet and apply some ointment to remove scars after the stitches are removed.

Q. Do I need anti-inflammatory after surgery?

A. Generally not required, unless the trauma is severe and the wound is seriously polluted, the anti-inflammatory drug can be taken orally for three days.