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Gunshot Wound Pack Task Trainer Silicone Bleed Simulator Tactical Medical Model Simulador De Hemorragia

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Note: The kit doesn't have liquid because of shipping limitations. If you need fake red powder, please contact us to purchase from another link. All coloring is artificial and each wound has slight differences. This is a nice valuable tool to practice bleed control and make it realistic.

Column Gunshot Wound (GSW) Packing Task Trainer /Simulator is realistic for emergency training and simulation patient programs. A realistic bullet wound with bleeding function caused by a large gun caliber is ideal for training wound packing procedures. The simulator also comes with incision wounds for suture practice training.

It holds a lot of training gauze. The bottom of the silicone wound hole is concave which helps the device stick to a smooth surface table preventing it from sliding around. The liquid bag and soft silicone hose work well with either gravity or a trainee assistant gently squeezing to mimic blood wound flow.

  • Safe and High Quality: The trainer is made of high-quality and durable silicone that simulates human skin and tissue. 

  • Durable & Reusable: Stop the bleed kit is very durable and can be used repeatedly. Great for repetitive hemostatic training. 

  • The attachable design allows the trainer can be attached to any pane for bleeding control training. Suitable for medical students and professors. 

  • Ideal teaching model for emergency medical technician courses, emergency medical responder courses, and tactical medic training courses, a perfect tool for teaching demonstration, and suitable for basic hemostasis courses.

Columnar Gunshot Wound(GSW) Bleeding Control Training Kit includes: 

  • 1*Columnar GSW wound simulator

  • 3*compressed gauzes

  • 1*infusion bag

  • 1*Waterproof Pad