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DIY Suture Pad with Hook and Loop Tissue Tensioner

Why we need premium suture pads

It is very necessary to learn and practice our suturing skills in our daily life, whether we are medical students or not. The advanced 3-layer DIY suture pad is the perfect replacement for banana peels and pigskins.

Medarchitect Self-design Premium Suture Pad, with realistic skin-like material, completely replicate the human skin texture, high quality with double productive mesh, and suitable for advanced deeper buried suture skill.

The texture of our suture pads

Designed to mimic the texture of the skin, the suture pads are made from the finest silicone composite materials and have been tested in hundreds of labs to ensure their texture is close to real skin, providing practitioners with a more realistic hands-on experience.

Advanced DIY Suture Pad

Upgraded suture pads are designed to make DIY cuts of varying widths and depths. At 0.83 inches thick and with two mesh layers, it is thicker than other suture pads on the market, allowing you to customize the simulated wound to meet the needs of your suture practice. This DIY suture pad has mesh layers, can be used over 100 times with the right method, and is well recommended in suture workshops, suture classes, and CME educational schools.

Arched hook and loop design for skin suture pads

The idea for the arches came from feedback from pre-health students and trainee nurses. Depending on your preference, place the wound on top of the device and the wound will be deeper and larger than if you were laying it flat on a table. It provides a more realistic feel to the user and increases the challenge when closing tissue under varying degrees of tension. The hook-and-loop design of this skin suture pad allows for replacement of the skin suture pad, helping to save costs.

Quality of suture practice pads

Our suture practice pads are tested by professional doctors, medical school teachers and students. This silicone suture practice pad works well for educational exams and study practice, teaching demonstrations and practice before starting real work or residency. It helps improve your suture skills.

Correct use of silicone suture pads

The suture pad is made of silicone and is closest to the texture of human skin. If you are not proficient in suturing techniques, the silicone material will break. The same skin tears and breaks are likely to occur in reality because of unskilled suturing of the skin. Besides the suture pads, we also provide Delux suture kits for medical students.

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