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Introduction to Common Trauma

Animal bites, burns, falls, domestic accidents, or sports injuries are common traumas. A good pre-med doctor should learn how to deal with these wounds calmly.

Chemical burns, hot water, curling irons, ovens, bonfires, electrical contact, or fireworks-these are common situations where severe burns can occur. In the event of an accident, proper treatment of the area will ensure that infection does not occur and will help reduce scars.

Often referred to as a cut, a laceration is a laceration or jagged wound caused by a tear in the soft tissues of the body. This common injury can occur in daily work, such as preparing food, handling power tools, slipping in the bathroom, or toddlers.

Facial Trauma
If your child traumatizes his face from sports, falling on the playground, or diving in the swimming pool, then you least want to leave scars. Because the face is particularly delicate, it is particularly important to use appropriate techniques to reduce scars in this area of the body.

Frostbite is a cold injury. In an extremely cold environment, the superficial soft tissues of the body freeze, and the local lack of blood supply causes erythema, resulting in gangrenous injury. The severity of frostbite is closely related to the intensity of low temperature and the duration of action, air humidity, and wind speed. Hands, feet, ears, nose, and cheeks are the most common areas.

Complicated wound
A major accident may cause deeper injuries. If a complex wound occurs, or the wound is not just superficial, medical care is needed to treat the wound and ensure that it heals normally.

In addition to the above types of trauma, if you want to become a medical expert, there are many closed traumas that need to be understood and handled carefully, such as dislocation of the shoulder, gout, rupture of the tendon, rupture of the spleen, drowning, and self-hanging. Most importantly, practice makes perfect, Medarchitect student suture practice kit will always escort you.