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A Suture Pad Designed for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor sports will inevitably cause injuries. If the wound is deep into the skin, or the wound edge is not neat, and the fat or muscle at the wound is everted, the wound needs to be sutured. For small wounds, emergency stitches can be done with a thin thread and a sewing needle. If you can't handle it yourself, you should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. Timely and effective suturing of wounds can greatly reduce the risk of wound infection.

To meet the requirement of 'self-suture'. Medarchitect designed one suture practice pad for the outdoor enthusiasts to learn how to suture yourself. It has the features as below:

Skin-Like Texture - The suture pad is designed to imitate the skin texture and made by the best silicone composite material, it has 3 layers to imitate skin, fat, muscle layer and pass through hundreds of lab test, make sure its texture is close to real skin, providing practitioners with a more realistic practical experience.

Anti-tearing - Two layers of embedded mesh in the pad will keep the silicone from tearing out. Support for the deeper suture training.

Make Your Own Incisions - The suture pad has no pre-cut wounds. You can design incisions to suit your own suture practice demand.

Arch Shape Design - This offers the user a more realistic feel and increases the challenge when closing the tissue under varying degrees of tension.

Wearable Design - A wearable design makes it convenient for training. Equipped with elastic band that can be worn on the arms or legs, increasing the realism of the operation.

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